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NP Engine Certificates and Resolving NP Engine Offline, Scheduler will not start issues


NP Engine Certificates and Resolving NP Engine Offline, Scheduler will not start issues



  • NPrinting Engine remains offline
  • Error log:
    • System.InvalidOperationException: Found 0 certificates for RabbitMQ Certification Authority. Expected value is 1
    • Unable to start NP Scheduler service or NP Web Engine service


  • November 2018 and newer versions of NPrinting

See Video for General Installation/Configuration Details.


What has changed or possibly caused this issue?

  • A new certificate process which secures communication between the NPrinting server and the NPrinting Engine has been added as of the November 2018 release of NPrinting and newer versions
  • New port exemption required: port 4997 needs to be opened outbound on Qlik NPrinting Server and inbound on all Qlik NPrinting Engines
  • Some RabbitMQ users are missing during the NPrinting installation
  • A different user was used to install or upgrade NPrinting
  • The user account used to run the NPrinting Engine service has been changed



Workaround for September 2019 and earlier versions:

  • This article contains a video showing the steps to installing the NPrinting Server>Admin>Engine manager and the new NPrinting Engine certificate steps during the Engine Install process.
  • When installing the NP Engine software, ensure to carefully document the certificate password used as it will be needed again when configuring the updated Engine in the NP web console/Engine Manager interface
  • You will also need to insert the Engine certificate password for the Engine in Admin>Engine Manager and click Save.
  • Once the steps in the video below are completed, the NP Engine Status will return to 'Online'
  • If firewall is in use, the following port needs to be opened outbound on Qlik NPrinting Server and inbound on all Qlik NPrinting Engines: 4997. See Reference following for port configuration details https://help.qlik.com/en-US/nprinting/November2018/Content/NPrinting/DeployingQVNprinting/Ports.htm

If the steps in the attached video are not followed, the NPrinting Engine will likely remain in an 'Offline' status after an upgrade from NPrinting versions prior to November 2018 release or later versions.

Solution which does not require uninstalling and reinstalling the NP engine and the Engine Manager engine entry

*Before proceeding below, we recommend restarting the Qlik Sense and NPrinting servers to ensure that Windows memory leakage is not the root cause of the issue*

  • Note: to use this solution you must upgrade to November 2019 or newer releases of NPrinting
  • Uninstall and Reinstall the NPrinting Engine Software (carefully document the certificate password during the reinstall process).
  • On the Web Console Engine page, you might have a Qlik NPrinting Engine that is enabled, but offline.
  • In this case, you need to resend the certificates.
  • The resend form is now automatically unlocked.
  • You need to complete the form with the password and resend the certificates to enable the Qlik NPrinting Engine online.
  • There is no need to reinstall the certificates nor the NPrinting Engine
  • Resolution: Jira issue ID: OP-8657 from Release Notes for November 2019 release

Part 1: If the Engine remains offline

  • uninstall the NP Engine Software again,
  • avoid use of '=' or ';' in the certificate and NP service account password See NPrinting engine installation failed - Service account password starting with "=" or containing ";"
  • reinstall the NP Engine software while considering the points above
  • delete the corresponding Engine from the Engine Manager in the NP web console ( this is required as per "known issues and limitations' found in the NPrinting product release notes).
  • re-add the engine in the NPrinting Engine Manager
  • click the send certificate password button
  • Engine should now come online

Part 2: If the Engine remains offline or NP scheduler and or NP web engine services do not start

Part 3: Check and update Ciphers

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