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Copy Bookmarks from one QVF to another in Qlik Sense

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Contributor III

Copy Bookmarks from one QVF to another in Qlik Sense

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Jun 13, 2022 7:56:50 AM

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Jun 13, 2022 7:56:50 AM

This article says that we have an alternative to copy bookmarks from one QVF to another in Qlik Sense 

  1. Duplicate the app from which app we wanted to copy the bookmarks in physical location


Duplicate only “.file” in physical location

Copy to somewhere and rename it to any name like “App2.qvf” with .qvf

  1. Import the above app into QMC and publish the app into stream where you wanted
  2. Work on PostgreSQL DB in Qlik Central server to update the bookmarks
  3. How to connect to PostgreSQL DB – follow the 2nd step
  4. Copy bookmarks from one app to another – follow the below steps
  5. Please be careful when you are executing any query on PostgreSQL DB since it will impact an application 
      1. Check the existing Bookmarks – for App1

      SELECT *

                  FROM public."AppObjects"

                  where "ObjectType"='bookmark' and


                  ---- you can add if you have any filters to apply like Description

      1. Execute below one to install uuid module.


      CREATE EXTENSION "uuid-ossp";

      1. Run below one to check module is working or not.

      select uuid_generate_v4();

      1. Execute below query to copy Bookmarks from one QVF to another

                                   Insert into PUBLIC."AppObjects"(



      "Owner_ID","DraftObject","Description","AppObjectBlobId") select uuid_generate_v4(),"EngineObjectType","Attributes","ObjectType","PublishTime","Published","Approved","SourceObject",

      "Name","EngineObjectId","ContentHash","Size","CreatedDate","ModifiedDate","ModifiedByUserName", ‘App2_ID’,"File_ID",

      "Owner_ID","DraftObject","Description","AppObjectBlobId" from PUBLIC."AppObjects"

      where "ObjectType"='bookmark' and


    1. Restart Repository Database services on Qlik Central server
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