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How to: Creating NPrinting Filters Based on Existing QlikView Bookmarks

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How to: Creating NPrinting Filters Based on Existing QlikView Bookmarks

Description: NPrinting can create filters based on existing QlikView bookmarks.

This type of filter allows you to use the complex logic you create in a QlikView bookmark. Bookmark-based filters mimic the behavior of QlikView bookmarks and are not be modifiable in NPrinting.

NPrinting allows users to associate filters with Tasks, Recipients, and Reports. Filters are applied in a specific order: Task filters are applied first, then Recipient filters, and Report filters last. This may have an impact on which values are in the final data set created for any given report. NPrinting filters are applied in the same way and with the same logic as QlikView filters are in the QlikView desktop application.

Create New Filter


  1. Click on Filters in the Navigation Pane
  2. Click on Filter in the New group in the tool ribbon
This opens the Filters window

Open Bookmarks Window to Select and Add Bookmark


  1. Click on Bookmarks in the Show group in the tool ribbon
  2. Click on Add in the Bookmarks group in the ribbon
  3. Select the bookmark you want to use from the list in the Bookmarks window
  4. Click on OK

NPrinting Bookmark Filters Work Same Way as QlikView Bookmarks


There are a number of options you can select when adding a bookmark in QlikView. NPrinting will be governed by these when you apply a filter based on your bookmark. Remember that you may apply filters to different objects in NPrinting at different times.

If Make bookmark apply on top of current selection is not selected, the bookmark will clear all selections and then apply the bookmark.

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