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Creator II
Creator II

Governance Dashboard version history available?

Hi all,

Is there a version history available for the Governance Dashboard?  I am presently running version 2.0.5 and want to know what changes have been made since then.  I searched but could not find an answer.

Specifically, this is of interest to me: the Task Log Index XML files contain entries like this, including the path to the folder where the task and document logs are:

<LogIndex LogID="3f46c305-5fef-465d-baa8-cfc2a35df7f8" TaskName="MyTaskName" Date="2019-09-24" Time="02:03:00" ClusterID="2" FullLogPath="\\MyServerName\QlikTech\DistributionService\2\Log\20190924\020300 - MyTaskName\TaskLog.txt" />

But this FullLogPath attribute is not present in QVGD_TaskLogIndex_2.0.5.qvd 

It would be very useful to have the full path to the log files available, particularly to track down problems with tasks that run several times a day.


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Hello @kevinpintokpa  - 

You can see recent history (2.1.x forward) here in this group in Documents > QlikView Governance Dashboard.

Unfortunately, I believe the change you are referring to occurred when I went from 1.x to 2.0 a couple of years ago.

You are welcome to propose an improvement to meet your need which I can add to the backlog.



Creator II
Creator II

Thanks, @Tyler_Waterfall .

I was able to make a change to my copy of Governance Dashboard and it is an easy change if you want to incorporate it in the next version.

Open the Governance Dashboard script and go to the tab TaskLogIndex

Add these lines to the load in Sub TaskLogIndex:

// Start: KP added this on 9/24/2019

FullLogPath,	// Usually ends with \TaskLog.txt

Left ( FullLogPath, 
Index ( FullLogPath, '\', -1 ) -1
 ) as [Log Folder Path],
// The full path of the log folder for this particular task execution

// End: KP added this on 9/24/2019 




Thanks @kevinpintokpa . For reference GOVDASH-192