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QlikView: Counting users of QV Desktop vs Access Point

In response to a question from an awesome QlikView customer, I share the following.

Looking to count how many of your users are opening apps in QV Desktop? There is a pattern in the QlikView Server logs when someone opens an app "in server" from QlikView Desktop. Doing so is one way to lease a license from QV Server to then go on and develop apps in QV Desktop.

Here I opened three apps “in server” from QV desktop ([Client Type] = “Windows Exe”).

And two apps in from Access Point in a browser (“Ajax QvWS…”).

Also note the absence of Server Port and Client Address when opened from QlikView Desktop.

Three sessions from QV Desktop, Two from Access PointThree sessions from QV Desktop, Two from Access Point

To make this easy to view, create a table object with:

Dimension: Month

Measure “Users with Desktop Session”: Count({<Client_Type={"Windows Exe"}>} Distinct Authenticated_User)

Measure “Users without Desktop”: Count({$<Authenticated_User=E({<Client_Type={"Windows Exe"}>})>} Distinct Authenticated_User)

Measure “All Users with Sessions”: sum(Session_Start_Count)


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