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Contributor III
Contributor III

What is QRSSecurityManagement: Retrieved priveleges time? And High MS +5minute

Hello experts,


From the logs Engine>Trace>System_Engine.txt i got the records which mention,

"QrsSecurityManagement: Retrieved privileges in xx ms from the QRS"

What is privleges means here? Is it section access or retrieving privileges from Security rules for app?

In some cases i saw consecutive records of this. Why does Qlik retrieve this info for same user and app three times?


20211018T093106.812+0300App1xxxQrsSecurityManagement: Retrieved privileges in 106 ms from the QRSd0fb5a12-xxxxxx....6822b675-xxxxxxx.....
20211018T093106.988+0300App1xxxQrsSecurityManagement: Retrieved privileges in 107 ms from the QRSd0fb5a12-xxxxxx....6822b675-xxxxxxx.....
20211018T093107.124+0300App1xxxQrsSecurityManagement: Retrieved privileges in 69 ms from the QRSd0fb5a12-xxxxxx....6822b675-xxxxxxx.....


Also i saw some records of this which takes retrieve info +300000ms which equals 5minute.


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