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Partner - Specialist
Partner - Specialist

💥 Learn how to add a Decomposition Tree to your Qlik Sense app to enable ad-hoc data exploration, in this new Tutorial


💥 Calling all Qlikkies! Ready to dive into your data ad-hoc across multiple dimensions & conduct root cause analysis like a boss? Look no further than the captivating 💎 Decomposition Tree 💎 visual. Whether you first discovered its magic in Power BI or not, now you can harness its power within the realm of Qlik! The awesome tutorial by Alejandro Wassermann, just published, will guide you in easily creating stunning decomp trees for your BI dashboards in Qlik Sense 🔥

A decomposition tree is like a secret decoder ring for your metrics, revealing the hidden relationships and factors behind each measurement. It breaks down the whole into constituent parts, enabling you to uncover the key drivers that shape your data. In the tutorial, the Tech Layoffs data is used as a practical example to illustrate how to bring this feast to life 🚀

😎 Get ready to unleash the power of the Decomposition Tree in Qlik Sense — learn how to add this mighty visualization to your apps today! ➡️

"How to Create a Decomposition Tree in Qlik Sense: Transform Root Cause Analysis [Video Tutorial]" — Watch now!
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