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QLIK Sense - How to export data for multiple tables in a single excel (.csv or .xls)


Is it possible to export the data of multiple tables in a single excel (.CSV or .xls)  file instead of individually in  #QLIK Sense

I see we can export the whole page in PDF though but I am sure QLIK Sense supports the exporting of data from page to excel.




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Former Employee
Former Employee

@pritpal19 About the only thing I was able to find was API info in the following Help Doc link which I got from the Help link below that:

Sorry I do not have something better for you, if you cannot find anything in the Doc on how to do things, it may be a functional limitation, in which case the best place to search would be the Ideas area, and if you cannot find anything there, you could add a new Idea for the functionality there:


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Contributor III
Contributor III

You can do this and much more, using LogiExport extension for QlikSense

See the "Multiple Objects" section.