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Contributor II
Contributor II

SOP for Updating Data and Visualizations?

Hi all! 

My Questions: Has anyone written or come across standard operating procedure for Qliksense in terms of collaboration and updating data & visualizations that they would be willing to point me too?  Is my understanding of how this works on track; am I missing or misunderstanding anything? (I wrote out my understanding of things below)

My experience level: I am an a brand new student intern within a large government agency that uses QlikSense Enterprise. I have no coding experience or data analytics experience, my work experience has been primarily in field research. My team is extremely understaffed and buried under very large & technical projects that will at some point, use QlikSense to build a public dashboard and an internal one (for two different projects). I've been tasked with writing a SOP for collaborating within Qlik and updating the backend data and the front end visualizations/analysis. I've spent the last two weeks just trying to learn as much as I can about the software and how to use it, so I have a very basic working understanding and I have started to test things out on my own. Qlik is new to the whole agency and while I've found some experienced users in other regions, there is no one I can really sit down with and talk any of this through; so I am worried that my understanding is based on incomplete knowledge. 

My understanding so far:  I had my Qlik admin create a shared stream that gives my team (6 people) admin privileges. I also had my admin set up a shared folder on the cloud that we all have access too as well.  Our data goes into the shared folder and is where we will pull from to build our app. If we need to change the values of the data (measures), we can update the excel sheet in the cloud folder and that should update the data in the app. However, my understanding is that it is ideal to have our datasets as finalized as possible before building the associative model in Qlik and building visualizations, since adding/removing fields (Dimensions) will break the data load script. If we do need to add a field at this stage, we would either need to reload the data into the model or edit the load script to reflect the changes. To do this on an published app in the shared stream would require our admin to make the changes within the data load editor or for one of us to duplicate the app, update the load editor in our own workspace, and then have the admin overwrite the old app with the new one. 

For visualizations & front end analysis, my understanding is that there is no way to collaborate on apps in our shared stream (and even if there was, we run the risk of overwriting each others work).  However, if everyone is set with the cloud folder and has access to the same data sets located in the same network location, then what we can do is duplicate an app/sheet/object we want to work on into our own workspace and then have our admin overwrite the old app/sheet/object. However, if we want to add a new sheet or story to an existing app without changing anything else, we can do that within our shared stream. This would mean I would also need to develop a standard operating procedure that includes some sort of team check in or communication before any of us update the app or change the app. 

Apologies if I used any terminology wrong, still learning! 

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