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Partner - Specialist
Partner - Specialist

Timeline Chart is now available in AnyGantt Extension for Qlik Sense + more features

Just released, a new Timeline Chart as part of our AnyGantt Qlik Extension! We have included the new chart type as part of the Project Management Bundle. The Bundle now includes 3 individual chart types, all designed to help Bring Transparency across your entire organization.

Also added, a number of new features and enhancements designed to provide greater insights into your ongoing projects:

  • predefined color palettes - providing consistency in styling across all visualizations
  • start and end markers - enables the ability to view task information quickly
  • zooming with the mouse wheel - who doesn’t like to zoom!
  • individual row height settings - sometimes bigger is better
  • disabling the table - provides greater visibility of the timeline without associated elements

Request a demo and see what the AnyGantt Qlik Extension can do for your organization!

Check the version history for details to find out what else AnyGantt can do for you!
Your feedback is greatly appreciated, just leave a comment to let us know what you think of the new version. Additional features, functionality, or basic improvements are all important to help ensure we deliver the best product possible to you and the entire Qlik Community.
Please Stay Safe.
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