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Contributor III
Contributor III

Using Gradients/Heatmap in a table with different requirements per row using variables




I've been tasked with creating a similar table to the one below, while I kind of understand the colour mix option what I'm being asked to do is set variables for each of the rows.


So in the example below the user wants to be able to set different % rates for each day which will then change the colour e.g. 


Monday 10% tolerance

Tuesday 20% tolerance


Essentially I'm looking at capacity vs demand so on Mondays if the difference is within 10% then that will drive the colour spread, if on Tuesdays it's within 20% tolerance then that will drive the colour spread for that row. I'll be using variables so the user can alter these %




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Partner - Creator
Partner - Creator

Exactly what we are looking for too; anyone?