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Contributor III
Contributor III

Filtering and Set Analysis Issue


im trying to create a table that shows counts and percentages. the table is correct in calculation but when filtering to specific dimension its not calculating the correctly.  I have 3 different dimensions "Pending (Open)", "Resolved after 7 days" and  "Resolved after 7 days".

Below is the regular table i created which is calculating correctly:


Below is the table when it filtered to "Pending (Open)":


I was expecting when i filter to only show "Pending (Open)" that "Resolved after 7 days" and  "Resolved after 7 days" columns would be 0 but they are not showing that.

this is the formula I'm using for calculate "Resolved after 7 days":

Count({<[Resolved Before/After 7 Days Filter] = {'Resolved After 7 Days'}>}distinct DistQueueUniqueID)

probably something wrong with the formula but not sure what im doing wrong. Any help is appreciated, thank you!

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Partner - Master
Partner - Master


Can you add your application? It would help to see the data model.



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