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Partner - Contributor

Issue with NPrinting on Demand reports

Hi All,

We are facing an issue with NPrinting On demand report generation using On Demand App. The extension works fine when NPrinting server is logged in browser. as an when we are logging out from NPrinting, the on demand report generation is not happening.

Is this something related to NPrinting setup, or this is usual behaviour of On Demand extension.



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Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

Hi Everyone,


Even i'm facing this same issue.
When i login into the NPrinting Web Console in the web browser, it gives me option to select app.
When i logout it shows error message as "Failed to get data from external source".

Please let me know how to get this fixed(Without login to the NPrinting it should generate the report). As we are giving the Dashboard access to the client where they click on the On Demand Button and generate the reports on their own. 


Thanks in advance

Saiprasad Ashok More

Creator II
Creator II

When you are login in to the NP through the browser, the browser is asking you to approve the not secure login, after you approve you can choose the app,
I believe you can do one of two things to solve the problem:
1. add the NP url -> https://npserver:4993 to the trusted site in internet explorer.
2. install certificate on NP server so the website will be secured and trusted.

*if you will press F12 while in the situation of the second picture you uploaded (the before login), the browser debugger will open up -> go to console tab and you will see the error, you can search the error on line for more information.


Contributor II
Contributor II

Is this issue fixed ?


I am also facing the same issue where user need to login to NPrinting server then they can export the report using On Demand Reporting extension.

Below are the Qliksense and Nprinting server version which I am using:

Qliksense version: November 2018 Patch 6

Qlik NPrinting version: November 2018 Version:
Kindly help to resolve this issue.


Creator II
Creator II


Try installing a certificate on Nprinting server.

i believe that when the Nprinting site will be secured you won't have to open the site on your browser and confirm an unsecured entry.

see this documentation->

take note that after installing the certificate you will probably still have to log in to Nprinting with windows authentication (a popup will pop on the screen where you have the ondemand button).

if the passwords of the qlik sense user and Nprinting user are the same, you can set internet explorer ->options->custom level-<scroll down (See attached image)

do this for internet , Local internet and Trusted sites.

please let me know if this helps.