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Qlik Sense - Combo Chart - colors by expression

hello fellow Qlik Sense people

I have a combo chart (bar + line) and would like to have colors by expression for both the bars and the line.

When the colors setting is on Auto it's blue (bars) + gray for others (top 10 selected) and red (line) which is good, but I would like a different shade of blue and red.

I know, I have to select Colors --> Custom and By expression, but I don't know, how to write the expression.


thank you for your support!


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assuming that you want to put a different color for the bigger one

If(Sum(Sales)=Max(Aggr(Sum(Sales),Customer)), Blue(),Green())

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hi Juan

thank you for your answer. Unfortunately it's not what I was thinking. What I would like to do is color all the bars (except for the last one, which can stay as it is) with rgb(0,94,184) - blue and the line with rgb(188,32,75) - red. The reason is that these are our official colors...

Thank you.


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thanks for the links. In one of the comments, I found this link:

Combo chart seperate colours by expression

and the answer is NO, it can't be done

Luminary Alumni
Luminary Alumni

You should consider building an extension object using the below library:


Master II
Master II

Hi Jernej,

You will have to go with an extension to achieve this. This functionality is not available in the combo chart implicitly.