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What is the difference between last reload and last modified?

‌Hi all,

Is there anybody who knows the exact difference between last reload and last modified in QMC? (Qlik Sense Management Console)

You could reach this pattern: QMC>Apps >Column Selector

Thanks in advance!

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Reload means refresh of data, so a reloading task has happened on that app.

Modified means any change to the app objects, a new measure, a new sheet or modifying or removing any existing object.


Hi Miguel,

Actually i know it, but for instance when i reload my app, its reload and modified dates are different. (Modified date is 15:25 and reload date is 15:22 even though i did not make any difference on the app and i started the reload task in qmc). Could you explain how does it happen? Thanks again for your consideration.


Reloading does not modify your app objects, or creates a new sheet for example, or deletes a measure. It does update the data model, but not the layout of what you see on screen. If a line chart was displaying Sum(Sales) per Month, after the reload will keep showing Sum(Sales) per Month. So yes, the data has been updated, which triggers the reload date, but there are no new objects or layouts or stories in it, therefore this timestamp does not change.

Specialist II
Specialist II

Qlik Server 3.2.3 - does not appear to be working as described above.

If i make layout changes the modified date shown in QMC is NOT updated.

The modified date only gets updated when the data is reloaded, then both last reload and last modified are the same, even if the only thing done was to reload the data.

Is this a bug?


One year ago it was not, now I'm not aware. I don't have any Qlik Sense QMC at hand where I can check this.

But according to the documentation of that version, it says that's the behavior: https://help.qlik.com/en-US/sense/3.2/Subsystems/ManagementConsole/Content/apps-overview.htm

If it's not, I'd suggest to contact Qlik Support.


Just had a play, and it  gets updated if you modify anything in QMC, i.e. change owner, but adding an extra sheet didn't update the modified datebut reloading did