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Average In Bar Chart

Hi all,


Im sure this is simple but just cannot figure it out....

So my problem is,

I have a bar chart showing the lowest sales and the highest sales- however i want an average line (same as per image)

however i want the actual average figure to display ad not 'y=2.0185e+006, R=3.3....' i want actual average, 

How could i achieve this using a calculated method:

this is my current calculated expression"sum(Fund_Amount_Dec)-sum(Fund_Amount_Nov)" now i just want the average amount to display without clicking Average under expression as this does not give the actual average correctly

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Specialist III
Specialist III



have you tried to create Reference line by using Avg function?

can you attach sample data with expected output?





Te expected output would same as attached image ,


How would i create a ref line using avg,

Apologies i am fairly new and still learning 


Thank You