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Create Cero Values to month that not have value

Hi i have a table that contain info to some month, but NOT for all months

i wan to know if it possible to add 0 (cero) value to the months i do not have any info

attached an example

thanks a lot

FernandO K.

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Are those months available in the application? I mean do they even exist in the application? Unless they are missing, we should be able to see them I think


Hi Sunny

The months and year came from the fact table "CARTERAUNIFICADA" and there is no value, i will want to create in cero value or other possibilty?

for this particular combination not contain value, that is my issue

What do you suggest, i think that there will be a chance to do it in set analysis?

Thanks a lot

Fernando K.


Set analysis won't work if the information isn't available. I would suggest creating a master calendar to populate the missing data and then I feel that you should be fine