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Drill Down Question

I have a chart to compare budget and sales by fiscal year, quarter , period , category and product id.

Drill down dimension is used for fiscal year, quarter , period , category and product id.

Sales $ expression is sum (price*qtyshipped)

Budget $ expression is sum (distinct (budgetquantity * budgetprice))

I selected the fiscal year 2013, quarter 2 and period 05 as selection. For a particular category , budget $ is shown incorrectly, but if I drill down to the product id level (i.e. by selecting category) it shows the correct values. I am unable to understand why the data is not summarized correctly at the category level.

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Re: Drill Down Question


I have encountered similar problems in one of my  projects.

  One way would be try to validate it against the source data.I'm sure some of the values are missing.


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Re: Drill Down Question

Thanks Swarup

I changed the expression from sum (distinct (budgetquantity * budgetprice)) to

sum (aggr(sum(DISTINCT (BudgetQty*BudgetPrice)), ItemKey )) and it worked.

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