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Full QlikView developer version?

Hi all,

Do you think there will ever be a full qlikview developer version, ie: all the qlikview products ?

I also develop on sql server and you can get a developer version of full sql server product set for a small cost (around £50).

This means you can setup and use all the sql server products such as the ETL tool (SSIS) , the reporting tool (SSRS) and the analysis tool (SSAS) before using the software in a live environment.

Whereas with QlikView the licensing appears to be very restrictive so you cannot setup your own QlikView Server at home for testing and other tools such as publisher have this same restriction. 

For example I have created some tools using QMS in my current role that I would not have had the opportunity to do so if I did not have access to a QlikView server.

I can't help feeling that if a developer version of the qlikview product set did exist it would make QlikView even more popular.

On the other hand this 'barrier to learning qlikview' probably helps with keeping the salaries for qlikview developers\admins higher than if too many people had the chance to learn more about the other qlikview products.

What do you think ?