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How to create Scatter Plot Quadrants?

Hello Everyone!

I'm fairly new to qlikview, and I'm exploring different chart types.

I need to develop a Scatter Chart. I have Age (from 0 - 100) on the X axis, and I have income on the Y axis. I have also used conditions to have bigger bubble size for bigger income.

I want to create quadrants that classify these data points into High and Low Income and Age.

I used to reference line option to do this. I am not sure what kind of condition to use here.

I want to maybe use mean, median or mode for income, and use a constant number (say 45 years) for Age.

I also want these lines to remain static. One problem i have faced is that when I select an area of the chart to display just those data points, the reference lines recalculate by using just those data points. This is quite confusing.


Before any selections are made, the reference lines for income and age are at $35,000 and 35 years.

I want to see the data points in the High Income, High Age Quadrant, so i select those data points.

The reference line now recalculate to show $100,000 and 55 years.

But I want it to stay at the original values.

Hope someone can help me with this. (I have a personal version of qlikview and I cannot open qv files that are shared)

Thank you.