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Loosely type coupled (Loops) appearing in data model

Hi, I have attached the print screen from my current data model, and unable to under stand how the loop is being generated even after creating a composite key. please look into it and let me know where I am going wrong. should you require any further information, please let me know. Best Regard, Skumar

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Re: Loosely type coupled (Loops) appearing in data model

Hi skumar,

As you can see, you connect four tables with the field "key".

The Link-table has the fields date, datetype and three different number fields EN-Enquiry_No, NB_Enquiry_No and RN_Ref_No. These fields are also in three of the other tables, which are linked with the field "key". The field names are identical, so qlikview connects them automatically.

Replace them to the field key so that your Link table has only three fields: date, key, datetype. Then your Link-table is also only connected to the other ones with the field key.



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Re: Loosely type coupled (Loops) appearing in data model

Thanks Vicky..it worked with some twist!!

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