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QlikView Repository


I would like to know is qlikview repository is file based or DB based? if yes which DB is used as repository by default ?

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Re: QlikView Repository

There is no repository in the sense you mean. All the data used by a Qlikview document is stored as part of that document. In that sense it is file based.

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Re: QlikView Repository

Qlikview Follows "Folder structure"  & in this folders we will save our Qlikview files(.qvw files) .

there is no particular repository.why because it will calculates the data dynamically and saved result in RAM itself.

According to QV server there is QVPR (Qlikview Publisher Repository)

The QlikView Management Service (QMS) keeps settings in a database of its own, the QVPR. The QVPR is by default stored as XML files – an alternative is storing the settings in an SQL database. An installation can only have a single instance of QMS active. Active/passive failover should be used for redundancy. Note that no other service needs QMS to be running.

Found in this location in your server


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Re: QlikView Repository

Actually, there is a QlikView "Repository", but this refers to the store that keeps track of server objects (i.e. QlikView objects create by AccessPoint users) and their properties. I don't think you are talking about that repository.

Or are you ?

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Re: QlikView Repository

It is File based.

if you have a qv file called Test.qvw,

Create  a folder called Test-prj in the same folder as qv file,open the qv file in qlikview and save.You will notice that the Test.qvw structture is exported as xml into the prj folder.

You could use a source control like svn/git to version control the document.