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Text objects not updating


I'm new to Qlikview and I'm having some challenges with my first app.

I have an app with a range of charts and text objects with expressions within them that seem to be working fine when viewed individually either on my desktop version and via the published version on the server.  However, when more than one user goes in to the published version on the server, certain text objects expressions don't update with the selections that the user is making.  Its as though the values for those text objects are caching and not refreshing. 

Only certain text objects are affected and not necessarily all of those each time. Sometimes they will continue to update for one user, but not for the other user. I've deleted and rebuilt the offending objects but without any change.

We have plenty of RAM available and we are nowhere near the max.  Using publisher to further reduce the size of the app down doesn't improve it  (e.g down to 15mb). 

Has anyone else experienced this?



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Re: Text objects not updating


Can upload a sample example?

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Re: Text objects not updating


Example expression is:

num (sum([FTE]) ,HeadcountFormat)

HeadcountFormat is a variable that formats headcount data.  I've had no problems with the variable.

Re: Text objects not updating

There was another discussion about certain expressions with variables that weren't propagating modifications.

Does it help if you change your expression into something like;

num (sum([FTE]) ,'$(HeadcountFormat)')



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Re: Text objects not updating


A good and obvious place to start is to look at the Table Viewer and check the structure of the data.

You may have synthetic keys or dodgy joins that need sorting out and are causing unpredictable behaviour.

If you have a nice "star schema", then maybe move to looking at the expressions et.c