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Why to define Joins if Same column names are available in two table?

I have two tables A and B. A have 15 records and B have 6 records. when I am loading the table in qlikview, tables are automatically getting joined as 1 column is same in both the table, but when i am counting no of records its showing me 15 only. when I am joining the table by writing Join in script in qlikview then its showing me 90 records. I checked in database, there also its showing 90 records. So why if table is getting join without mentioning joins in script it is not showing correct count?

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1:The join in Qlikview is by default outer join.

2: If you use JOIN or OUTER JOIN key word results will be same.

3: If you don't use join the will be auto associated based on field name.

4: Association in Qlikview is similar to outer join but the difference is it happens on run-time or when you select any value all possible combination re being selected

let me know if you need anymore information.if satisfied close the thread.



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Thanks for the help.




Hi Tanay,

I'm going to guess that Table A and Table B have 1 distinct value for the common field. When you load without joining in the script you'll have 15 and 6 records in Tables A & B respectively. The tables will be associated on the common field and if there is only one distinct value in this field each record in A will be associated with every record in B. When you join in the script you'll get one table with 15 x 6 = 90 records.