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clicking on a drilldown in mobile

We are using div integration on mobile for our web-based qlikview reports.

Very recently we changed the way we pull drill down to use conditional statements, to have one box disappear and another appear.

The issue is some reports, as they should, go to the drilldown as soon as a cell on certain columns are clicked, as it should. But with some you have to click and hold, and when you do a bubble with a big green check mark and a big red x pops up. If you click the x nothing happens, I assume it cancels the request, and if you click the big green check mark, it drills down as it should. I made sure I didn't accidentally click and drag a tiny amount. Also the one that requires a click and hold didn't require the hold when using IE on desktop.

My question is, what causes a cell to require a click and hold on a cell vs just clicking.