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listbox with count

Hi All,

I want to display the total count of each list box .

below image is attached the same way i want to display..i am unable to find out the option

can some one help me n this? am very new to qlik.



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Re: listbox with count

Change the List box caption to this:

='Branch '&If(GetSelectedCount(Branch) = 0,Count({$<Branch=>}Branch),GetSelectedCount(Branch))&'/'&Count({$<Branch=>}Branch)

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Re: listbox with count

Put this in caption of listbox

='Name' &'-' & count(Name)

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Re: listbox with count

May be try this in your listbox.

= 'Branch' & '(' & Count(DISTINCT Branch) & ')'

Listbox displays distinct data so to know the count of distinct data use DISTINCT in the Count or if you want the frequency of listbox i.,e non distinct count just use count(branch).

To know the frequency or occurrence of data in listbox go to listbox properties General tab and Check Show Frequency.

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Re: listbox with count

Try this

='Branch('&Count(DISTINCT Branch) &'/'

&Count(DISTINCT {1} Branch)&')'