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Export your templates to Github

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Export your templates to Github

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Jul 28, 2021 4:43:58 PM

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Feb 18, 2021 9:58:32 AM

As SaaS admin you can access the changelogs of your blends and templates via the SaaS API.

If you use the SaaS API connector you could create a blend in your admin account to get the (latest) changelog of you template and store it in the version control tool of choice, like Github. 


  1. Build a blend in the 'my blends' section of your admin account
  2. Connect the SaaS API connector with your own credentials (my account > API)
  3. Get the right templates of blends via the 'list blends in account' or 'list templates' blocks
  4. Access the changelogs via the 'List Blend Change Log (incrementally)' block
    • You can specify the 'blocks' property to only get the workflow information


  5. Send the information to Github with the Github block 'Generic create'. 
    • please note you will need to encode the change log 'blocks' properties to a json format by using the formula 'Object'




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