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How to Apply a Signed License Key (SLK) to Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows

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Digital Support

How to Apply a Signed License Key (SLK) to Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows

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Feb 13, 2023 6:09:51 AM

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Mar 12, 2019 11:18:02 AM

This article covers the details of how to license a Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows server with a Signed License Key (SLK).




About the Signed License Key:

  • It replaces the 16 digits license key and control number.
  • It is a JSON Web token.
  • It uses secure communication, HTTPS://

To apply a Signed License Key, a secure network connection is required to be established: A signed license key requires connectivity to See List of IP Addresses behind and for details.

It can establish in any of the security scenarios below: 


All nodes in a Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows on-premise multi node environment need access to the license server. 

How to apply the license:

  1. You receive the Signed License Key via email after a successful purchase
  2. Launch the Qlik Sense Management Console
  3. If not immediately prompted for a license, go to License Management

    license management.png

  4. Open Site License in the menu to the right
  5. Paste in your full key. Thi sis the JSON token you received in the email.
  6. Click Apply

    apply the license key.png


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Hello Support

How do we reuse the signed license key ? Is it possible to reuse the key once we decide to uninstall the environment where the SLK is used and install fresh Qlik sense in a different region  or Data center ?


Digital Support
Digital Support

Hello @tomissac 

That is possible, yes. Note that the Signed License key will sync user allocation. So prior to moving servers and/or decommissioning the old server, we'd recommend you delete the current user assignments, as they will otherwise be carried over.

All the best,

Contributor III
Contributor III

Dear @Sonja_Bauernfeind  & @Andre_Sostizzo ,


I would like to ask a question regarding access to In a multi-node deployment, do all servers (master & rim nodes) need to access the aforementioned URL? As far as I know, Qlik Repository Service runs on every node and handles licensing among other activities .


Many thanks for your time & answers.




Digital Support
Digital Support

Hello @ifytra,

All nodes require access, not only the central node (Qlik Sense). 

I'll update the articles on this topic to clarify this. Thank you for asking!


All the best,

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