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Qlik Alerting not sending email for tasks but does confirm alert creation

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Qlik Alerting not sending email for tasks but does confirm alert creation

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Jun 15, 2023 9:03:39 AM

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Jun 15, 2023 9:03:39 AM

When creating an Alert in the Qlik Alerting web console or testing the email settings generates the expected email. However, the Alert does not generate emails when the task is run and the web console accurately displays the task as having run.

Reviewing the Email Messenger log shows no email attempt was made.


Review the MongoDB server settings and confirm the security setting JavaScriptEnabled is set to true

If this value is set to false, change it to true.

If it is already set to true open a case with Qlik Support to investigate further.


The JavaScriptEnabled value is set to true by default in MongoDB. As seen in the MongoDB documentation.

If utilizing a pre-existing MongoDB server where this setting had already been changed or modifying this setting after the initial installation and configuration it can cause Qlik Alerting to fail to send emails and in other unexpected ways.

Qlik Alerting is designed to work with MongoDB configured to the default settings. This is why the installation documentation for MongoDB as a prerequisite of Qlik Alerting is to accept the default configurations. See Install MongoDB

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