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Qlik AutoML: Limitations and Exclusions with the included free Qlik AutoML tier

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Qlik AutoML: Limitations and Exclusions with the included free Qlik AutoML tier

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Mar 21, 2023 4:24:39 AM

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Dec 1, 2022 9:30:02 AM

Qlik AutoML is included with Qlik Cloud, which provides limited access to start with small models.

The default included tier has the following restrictions:

  • 100000 cells (e.g. 10000 records with 10 columns)
  • no HPO features
  • no scheduled predictions
  • no API access
  • no real-time API
  • no Qlik Sense connector integration 

To upgrade to full capacity to train larger models, engage with your Account Representative and request a higher-tier license.




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Partner - Creator
Partner - Creator

@KellyHobson is this information still correct with the latest data capacity increase in AutoML?

Former Employee
Former Employee

Hey @Fred , 

Thank you for catching this, and yes this needs to be updated.  

As of 1/26/23, for the 'Included' tier, it now gets 100k cells and for the 'Start-up' tier, customers now get 1M cells.  The next level up, the 'Premier' tier, has even higher limits but this would need to be discussed with a Qlik Sales representative.



Partner - Creator
Partner - Creator


is it possible to exceed 1M cells for the training set ?


Former Employee
Former Employee

Hey @acardella ,

To exceed 1M cells, you will need to upgrade your subscription tier to a higher level. 

For subscription tier information please reach out to your sales or account team to exact information on pricing. The metered pricing depends on how many models you would like to deploy, dataset size, API rate, number of concurrent task, and advanced features.

All the best,


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