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Qlik Gold Client Feature Highlight – Import Progress Report

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Qlik Gold Client Feature Highlight – Import Progress Report

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Mar 16, 2021 3:06:33 PM

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Aug 27, 2020 4:39:43 PM

Have you used the Import Progress report yet? The Import Progress report is a new report offering first introduced in Gold Client version 8.6.1. It is found with the other import reports on the Import Control screen under the Report dropdown. Once an export is completed and the import is initiated in the background, this new report can be executed.

It is particularly useful in situations when you are importing a large amount of data or when you have several import jobs running in parallel. It gives you an active look at the progress of the data import and displays any errors that occur. The Import Progress report can also be executed after an import completes as a way to verify record counts or check for errors that occurred during import.

While the import is running, select its ExportID, click menu Report, and select Import Progress.


It will ask for the Runtime ID of the background job for the import. This can be found in the job log.


Job log:


The report shows four tabs across including three statuses (In Progress, Complete, Errors) and an overall Summary. The status tabs include fields for Import Job Status, Status, Total Records, Inserted Records, Duplicate Records, Data Type, Table Name, File and Path, and Job Name.

The first tab, In Progress, shows what is currently importing and what is in the import queue.


The second tab, Complete, shows what has finished importing.


The third tab, Errors, displays any errors that may have occurred during the import process.


The fourth tab shows the Summary for the import which includes Import Job Status, Status, Files, Total Records, Inserted Records, and Duplicate Records.


If your systems are on a Gold Client release prior to 8.6.1, and you would like to use this new feature, open a case in the Qlik Client support portal ( to request the upgrade to our latest version (8.6.1).

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