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Qlik Replicate: Task stop timeout occurred

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Qlik Replicate: Task stop timeout occurred

A Qlik Replicate task is stopped with the following log entry:

Task 'Task Name' stop timeout occurred. The task will be terminated.

See How to analyze a Qlik Replicate log for more information about how to read Qlik Replicate log files.

This log entry means that Qlik Replicate timed out while stopping a task and it is not a common occurrence. Typically, the timeout is caused by environment-related complications, which affect the processing of the current batch of data being read from the source or being written to the target, as well as activity associated with gracefully exiting the connections to both the source and target.


Qlik Replicate, all versions


You will not be able to resume the task from where it left off. The only options are starting from a timestamp (taking into account any latency that was in the task at the time it was stopped) or reloading the target.

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