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Qlik Replicate and MongoDB source: JSON Document Data Formats

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Qlik Replicate and MongoDB source: JSON Document Data Formats

In this article, let's learn how to use the different JSON format in the MongoDB source endpoint.

JSON is a data format that represents the values of objects, arrays, numbers, strings, booleans, and nulls. The JSON format defines a reserved set of keys prefixed with "$" to represent field type information that directly corresponds to each type in BSON.

Sometimes we want to use a different format for downstream applications. This article explains the following topics:


What MongoDB JSON formats are supported in Qlik Replicate? 

Qlik Replicate supports 3 different JSON formats:


Qlik Replicate does not support Shell format at present.

How do you define a JSON format in Qlik Replicate?

The JSON format used by Qlik Replicate is defined as an Internal Parameter . For more information on how to set and use Internal Parameter, see Qlik Replicate: How to set Internal Parameters and what are they for? 

  1. Open MongoDB source endpoint
  2. Go to the Advanced tab
  3. Open Internal Parameters
  4. Add a new parameter named jsonMode
  5.  <Enter> and select one from the available list:

    • STRICT


An input sample in MongoDB and different output formats in the target database

In the MongoDB source collection, a new document is created as below (the date is in ISODate format):

{"id":22,"name":"Hi MongoDB","ReleaseDate":{"$date": "2023-09-16T09:19:29.999Z"}}

In the target side tables, we get different format data rows; the DATE fields values format can be ISODate format, or Epoch format, and if associated with additional data type properties upon different jsonMode setting.


data rows in target database


\"id\": 22, \"name\": \"Hi MongoDB\", \"ReleaseDate\": {\"$date\": 1694855969999}


\"id\": 22, \"name\": \"Hi MongoDB\", \"ReleaseDate\": {\"$date\": \"2023-09-16T09:19:29.999Z\"}


\"id\": {\"$numberInt\": \"22\"}, \"name\": \"Hi MongoDB\", \"ReleaseDate\": {\"$date\": {\"$numberLong\": \"1694855969999\"}}



Qlik Replicate (up to version 2023.5)
MongoDB source (all versions)

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