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Qlik Sense OIDC authentication returns Proxy.SessionEstablishment.Authentication.OIDC.OidcAttributeParserException' was thrown

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Qlik Sense OIDC authentication returns Proxy.SessionEstablishment.Authentication.OIDC.OidcAttributeParserException' was thrown

When trying to connect to a Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows virtual proxy configured with OIDC authentication, you are receiving an error 400 (bad request).




When checking Qlik audit proxy log in %ProgramData%\Qlik\Sense\Log\Proxy\Trace, you can see the following warning:


22436 20211110T171644.102+0200 WARN QlikServer1 Audit.Proxy.Proxy.SessionEstablishment.Authentication.OIDC.OidcAuthenticationHandler 88 5966b8de-8895-404f-a2b9-822fab03b46b DOMAIN\qvservice Proxy.SessionEstablishment.Authentication.OIDC.OidcAttributeParserException: Exception of type 'Proxy.SessionEstablishment.Authentication.OIDC.OidcAttributeParserException' was thrown.↵↓ at Proxy.SessionEstablishment.Authentication.OIDC.OidcAttributeParser.ParseMultiValueClaim(JwtPayload jwtPayload, String claimsAttrib, Boolean isMandatory)↵↓ at Proxy.SessionEstablishment.Authentication.OIDC.OidcAuthenticationHandler.AddOidcAttributeMapItemsToUserSessionAttribute(IList`1 userAttributes, List`1 oidcAttributeMapItems, JwtPayload jwtPayload, IConnectionData connData)↵↓ at Proxy.SessionEstablishment.Authentication.OIDC.OidcAuthenticationHandler.AddClaimsToUserSessionAttribute(IList`1 userAttributes, JwtPayload jwtPayload, IConnectionData connData, VirtualProxyConfig vpConfig)↵↓ at Proxy.SessionEstablishment.Authentication.OIDC.OidcAuthenticationHandler.<GetAuthenticatedUser>d__11.MoveNext()





Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows 



Use the following article to manually generate an OIDC token and check what attributes are being returned. 

Make sure the mandatory attributes are present on your Virtual Proxy and adjust your settings if needed. 




You are missing OIDC mapping attributes  that have been  marked as "mandatory" in the QMC Virtual proxy OIDC attribute mapping settings

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