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Qlik Sense Reload Jobs Stuck as Queued

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Qlik Sense Reload Jobs Stuck as Queued

Last Update:

Jun 28, 2023 1:57:03 PM

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Jun 21, 2023 4:20:24 PM



  • Qlik Sense On Windows
  • All supported versions


Issue Reported

You have been running Qlik Sense normally for quite some time. Over time you have accumulated an abundance of reload tasks configured in your Qlik Sense QMC.

Recently however, you have noticed that Qlik Sense QMC reload tasks are in the following state:

  • Running reload jobs never complete and stuck in a 'started' triggered state
  • Remaining reload jobs are in a 'queued' status
  • The only way to get reload tasks completed are through restart of Qlik Sense services



To resolve the issue, it is recommended to add an additional scheduler node (or nodes) in order to manage the ever increasing number of reload tasks in the affected Qlik Sense environment.

As time goes on, add additional scheduler nodes in proportion to the increasing number of reload tasks added/deployed in your environment.



The existing Qlik Sense scheduler nodes simply cannot manage the additional burden placed upon it by ever increasing reload tasks.


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Contributor II
Contributor II


Thanks for sharing.
We are experiencing these exact issues on QlikCloud. Do you have any recommendations on how to solve the issues on QlikCloud?


Digital Support
Digital Support

Hello @ismailk94 

Queues in Qlik Cloud (or on Windows) are not an issue per se. On your on-prem install, this would mean the nodes used are not sufficiently scaled. In Qlik Cloud, you are meeting the normal queuing situation.

We recommend looking into our reload best practices to see how you can improve the situation.

If you have a high number of queued and executing data reload processes (and additional concurrent CPU and memory-intensive processes), you might notice that some reload processes execute, in some cases, noticeably after their scheduled start time. See Scheduling a Reload.

Should you suspect an issue (such as none of your tasks executing at any point or remaining queued until they time out repeatedly), I recommend checking the Qlik Cloud status page first, verifying if Qlik is aware of an ongoing issue. 

All the best,

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