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TMC Error Failed to save plan.

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TMC Error Failed to save plan.

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Feb 9, 2024 1:22:49 PM

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Nov 27, 2023 11:53:24 AM

When in the Talend Management Console in cloud you may receive the following error message when trying to save your plan.
Failed to save plan.

You have checked the following:
1. You have checked your workspace permissions and you have Author, Execute, Manage, and Publish checked.
Found in Environments | Workspace permissions 
2. The task being added is able to be run with no errors.
3. The plan can be run without errors.
4. You are only getting the error with that specific plan.

This issue is due to certain string patterns used in the Plan Description.
If you are using any keywords in your description with "Update" or "Insert" this will cause the error.
Certain keywords are detected as a SQL injection by our security layer.
A workaround is to modify the Plan description and avoid certain key words such as "Update" or "Insert".
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