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We are happy to announce the next version of our client-managed analytics offering, Qlik Sense May 2024.  This version includes improvements primarily focused on visualizations, connectivity, and the ability to preload apps.

Visualizations and dashboards

Add the Styling option to add Background Color Opacity

The color picker gets an opacity control! By adding this feature, we are making it easier to adjust the transparency of the color with the new addition and option to utilize slider functionality. Here are some use cases that you may find this feature very useful:

  • Allow the sheet background to shine and make a statement along with the data you’re showing!
  • Add more elegance to stacked charts

For those of you who will stick to hex codes, don’t worry – we made that easier too! Moving forward, you’ll be able to paste your codes with or without the “#” symbol.


Cyclic Dimensions

Cyclic master dimensions introduce a novel dimension type, empowering users to select dimensions from a group and seamlessly switch them across the entire application. Unlike drill-down groups, cyclic dimensions lack a hierarchical structure, yet they resemble alternative dimensions, extending their influence app-wide. By employing cyclic dimensions, valuable app and screen space is conserved, allowing a series of charts to offer multifaceted analyses. For instance, transitioning from temporal to geographical or product category-based measures is effortless. Toggling the dimension is facilitated either through a button action or axis label. Additionally, with cyclic dimensions, naming the levels within cyclic and drill-down groups becomes possible. Engine functions exist to query the group's state, aiding in the creation of dimension-dependent measures or indicating the state through labels.

Table Improvements

We continue to improve on the new Straight table and Pivot table because they are not only classics, but they’re also favorites!

  • Straight Table
    • Smaller columns
    • URL links
  • Pivot Table
    • Dimension limits
    • Measure formatting
    • Text alignment, dimension and measures values and titles
    • Null value styling measures
    • URL links



Button Enhancement

The following navigation enhancement has been added to the Button: “Go to Sheet: specify chart”. Check out some of the bulleted use cases below where this will come in handy:

  • Navigating to a specific chart
  • Single page design
  • Jump to Section
  • Back to top



Hyperlinks for new tables

Finally, you now have the options to display values as clickable links within dimension columns, for both the straight and pivot tables!

*Part of the visualizations bundle

Move quick sheet navigation arrows from sheet header!

When hiding the sheet title, the sheet navigation buttons will be available in the selection bar instead of being hidden.


SAP ODP Connector for Qlik Windows

Like our Qlik Cloud Data Integration provides multiple methods of capturing data from your SAP system. This release enhances existing capture methods with support for SAP ODP. The ODP connector provides connectivity to the SAP ODP framework, enabling data capture from multiple types of data artifacts such as Extractors, CDS views, BW objects, and SAP HANA Information views.


Hub & Engine

Preload Apps Functionality

Available now in Qlik Sense is the ability for customers to configure and schedule the preloading of apps! This has been a highly requested feature and rightfully so, customers can improve their end-users experience by making datasets nearly immediately available within an application (especially useful for larger apps) upon utilizing the preload functionality.

To make the management of these tasks intuitive and seamless, within the Qlik Management Console you will now find new Support options for the following: Preload Tasks: Create, Edit & Delete


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Partner Ambassador
Partner Ambassador

Love the pre-loading/cache warming feature - small but useful addition.

As much as I love my little Butler CW tool it's of course much preferred to have that feature built into Sense itself.
Also great to see it's possible to specify which Sense nodes the app should be loaded onto.

A few thoughts/questions though:

  • Does this feature also pre-render charts, tables etc within the app? Or does it stop after loading the app into memory?
    The reason for asking is that while loading an app from disk into memory is great, there can also be significant render times if the app is large and/or has a complex data model. Pre-rendering (some) sheets at least increase the odds of those calculations staying in the cache until real users need them.
    This feature has proved useful in Butler CW, maybe something similar can be included in Sense too.
  • It doesn't seem to be possible to start a preload task manually from the QMC.
    Is that by design or an oops-this-is-the-first-version thing? Not a big problem, but you might as well make it possible to start manually, just as with reload and distribution tasks.
  • It took me a while to realise I had to enable preloading on the Sense node/server itself for the concept to work. Might save some time for others: QMC > Nodes > Scheduler priorities > Check the "Scheduler to to preloads" checkbox.

Good stuff, keep it coming.



This feels like Qlik Sense - QlikView Functionality Matching Release. Which is a good thing, because things like cyclic groups and easy preloading were very much useful in the past and will now be useful moving forward. Likewise, adding relatively basic functionality to Tables and Pivots is good - but there's still a way to go with those. Hopefully by November's release...


Good job by the product managers on this one.