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Qlik Empowers Clinical Staff with Analytics

Qlik works with a broad range of organizations from manufacturers to retailers to the public sector, to help organizations harness the collective human intelligence of their staff, and to drive positive change. This means that whatever career direction you are considering, it's important to develop your analytical skills and to become familiar with widely used tools like Qlik. 

Today we're going to look at the role that Qlik has plays in health services to drive positive outcomes for both the patients and the healthcare organisations. Qlik works with various NHS trusts across the UK along with non-profit organisations in the U.S. like Touchstone Health Services. Productivity is a key area where analytics can provide insights and assist with improving performance. This has the benefit of reducing waiting times for patients, increasing the number of patients seen by clinicians, and increasing morale among staff who feel more empowered by the data available to them. You can read the full story on Touchstone Health Services and Qlik here: 


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