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The Professor Ambassador Program of the Qlik Academic Program has come a long way since its launch, and we have on board some amazing Professors in the first batch.

Our endeavor is to provide these Ambassadors  top class analytics resources to succeed and to be able to impart this information to their students. One such initiative is the Leader webinar series where we invite Qlik leaders to share their insights on analytics or some of the developments around Qlik, technologies, future developments etc. Our aim is to add value to the analytics journey of the Ambassadors and lend a different perspective to their existing knowledge base.

The first webinar of this series was conducted by Kevin Hanegan, Chief Learning Officer at Qlik who spoke on “Uncovering Bias with Data”. It was extremely informative and we received some great feedback from the Ambassadors.

For the second webinar scheduled on 14th May, we have invited Elif Tutuk and Paul Barth from Qlik to share their insights. The overall theme of this webinar is around data literacy and we shall have these speakers speak on their areas of expertise in the context of this theme.

Elif Tutuk is the Vice President, R&D at Qlik. During the webinar, she shall be speaking on Active Intelligence, on how we are designing technology to augment the human with data literacy. She excels in creating engaging user experiences in augmented intelligence technologies. Elif is a prolific speaker and speaks at various events and is a named author on multiple patent applications.

Paul Barth is the Global Head of Data Literacy at Qlik. He shall shed light on some of the initiatives of data literacy and how Qlik is leading this campaign in the world of data analytics. He has considerable experience developing advanced data and analytics solutions for Fortune 100 companies.  Paul has research and academic interests and is also a speaker at various events.  

This promises to be an exciting session and I am sure the Professor Ambassadors are looking forward to hearing from these two speakers!

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