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Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

Is an ODBC driver needed for landing data to Snowflake?

I have two questions regarding the help documentation provided at the following link:

I am uncertain about when the Snowflake ODBC driver is required and when it is not.

1. "A driver is only required if you are accessing the database via a Data Movement gateway."
Does "the database" refer to the source database from which data is being extracted (e.g., Oracle)?

2. "If the target database is directly accessible from Qlik Cloud, select None."
Is the "target database" in this context referring to Snowflake?


Considering the following scenario for data movement:
FROM: Oracle on-premise internal environment (accessed via a Data Movement gateway)
TO: Snowflake in a trial environment (directly accessible from Qlik Cloud)

In this case, is it necessary to have both the Oracle ODBC driver for the Data Movement gateway and the Snowflake ODBC driver?
Additionally, should we select 'None' for the Snowflake connection type since it is directly accessible from Qlik Cloud?

"Is my understanding correct that even if Qlik Cloud has direct access to Snowflake, if the connection from the Oracle side is via a Gateway, an ODBC driver for Snowflake is required? I thought that selecting 'None' would mean that I don't need an ODBC driver, but in fact, without the ODBC driver, the data landing resulted in an error."

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Hi @Satomi 

That sounds right, only install the driver for the sources you are going to be accessing from the Data Gateway - Data Movement. 

When it says "None" it refers to the selection of the Data Gateway, so if no one is issued that would be the option. 

Hope it helps!

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When moving data with the Data Movement gateway, it connects to your source (Oracle in this instance) and to the target (Snowflake in this example) as it handles the data delivery process to Snowflake.  Thus  you do need to install the ODBC driver using the driver utility mentioned in the documentation.    

The gateway handles the data movement (Landing task) from source to target. 


For the Gateway definition in the Snowflake connection - that is for the ELT ' pushdown SQL processes' - Storage, Transformation and Data Mart tasks.  It is only recommended to set that to a gateway when you have a PRIVATE LINK requirement (where Qlik Cloud cannot access your Snowflake).  Setting that to NONE means that Qlik Cloud will handle all the ELT pushdown processing in your snowflake environment.