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Contributor III

Help Needed: Qlik Compose Environment Split DEV/QA/LIVE

We have a single server for our Qlik Compose and would like some assistance, please?

Qlik Compose for Data WarehousesMay 2021 (2021.5.0.69), Windows Server and MS SQL Server for Landing and warehouse

Currently, we only have one Project for the Warehouse and data marts, but I want to figure out how to do the setup for DEV/QA/LIVE (Or just DEV/LIVE at least).

Right now if we edit the model or make changes, it is essentially direct on LIVE as it is the only project.

I would ideally like to have a separate project or strategy on how we can make and test changes and only then somehow deploy them once we are happy.

Also, how do you handle multiple developers on the same project and version control?

ANY advice on environment tips will be appreciated.

@CliveBearman, do you have any help here?

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Contributor III
Contributor III

Hi. So, does nobody in the community have some sort of DEV/QA/LIVE environment strategy they use? Is it the norm then to just develop on your Live compose warehouse project then?


Hi, it is NOT the norm for customers to leverage a single Compose env (and develop on live prod environments). 

Typically customers will install and deploy to "N" environments to match their SDLC lifecycle (DEV/HOTFIX/ QA/Pre-Prod/Prod/DR etc).    

My recommendation is to have at least a Non-Prod and Prod server.  This allows for testing upgrades / patches etc before deployment to your production environment.   Depending on your env, you may decide to have an instance of Compose for each environment you need to deploy through. 

If you have just 1 non-prod server to house DEV / HotFix/QA etc - then you can export / import to different projects within the same server.  If you have multiple non-prod, then you obviously would deploy across those servers.

Compose provides project deployment features to migrate projects from lower to upper environments.  This can be done either by the UI (manually export / import, validate tables, generate code) OR via a CLI (automate the export / import / validate/ generate procedure). 

These are documented in the Compose user guide -