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Qlik Web Connectors - MongoDB connection error


I'm trying to configure the MongoDB connector, and even though all the information is correct and I can connect to Mongo on my localhost, the Web Connectors application gives this error:

There was an error running the table (Access to localhost is denied)

I think the error is not related to Mongo but something before that, since that same message pops no matter what I have in the connection parameters.

Mongo is configured on localhost without Authorization enabled (I have tried with both, enabled and disabled with no luck).

Web Connectors application and MongoDB running on same Windows machine.

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Re: Qlik Web Connectors - MongoDB connection error

Hi - Could you take a look at the Allow local host access section here:

Advanced configuration of Qlik Web Connectors ‒ Qlik Connectors

I think you need to enable this for the MongoDB Connector.


Re: Qlik Web Connectors - MongoDB connection error

Hi Christopher,

Thank you for providing the answer to this problem.  I opened the deploy.config file that comes with the Qlik Web Connectors, found the setting for MongoDB localhost, and changed the false to a true.  It worked like a charm!