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QVW Data Storage

hey,  I have read on various sites about how does the qlikview stores data in QVD's but i couldnt find any where as how does Qlikview stores data in QVW's. For Example, If we have prepared a dashboard through a QVW, on opening the dashboard we can see data in the fileds on the dashboard, without reloading the document.

This means that the data is somewhere stored in the QVW's, could any kindly help me understand that how Qlikview stores data in QVW's

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Re: QVW Data Storage

Take a look at this document

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Re: QVW Data Storage


To store data in qvd you have to specify the next sintax.


Load id,



     (ooxml, embedded labels, table is [Empleados]);

STORE Datos into  'C:\Ruta\Datos.QVD;

I hope I have help you!!


Re: QVW Data Storage

if you want to know how Qlik read and store data


QVW is the Qlik doc; contains everything a user will need to perform analysis; when you save a QVW you're storing on file system the document db (in memory db, all tables you can see with ctrl+t), the load script, the user interface (charts), security

if you don't want to store the tables, drop the tables at the end of the script

1 QVW = 1 file = many tables

QVD is a file in a Qlik proprietary format (usually used for performance reason)

1 QVD = 1 table

to make a QVD use store statement (from memory to file system) in QVW script

to read a QVD in a QVW, use a load statement (from file system to in memory db)

if you want to reuse a Qlik table in differerent QVW, you can store it as QVD on file system

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Re: QVW Data Storage

You can visualize storage in a QlikView document as a two level organization:

1) Store distinct list of values

2) Data consisting of pointers

Symbol Table:

Qlikview creates one symbol table per field. In other words there is exactly one list for each field included in the document. If you have 25 fields in the document you will have 25 lists.Each row in a symbol table contains a pointer and the value of the field.

Data Tables:

The table contains the pointers only. Pointers can be used to look up the real value in the symbol table, no information has been lost.