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Former Employee

Learn software at the point of need with performance support tools


In a previous post, Kevin Hanegan (Qliks VP of Knowledge and Learning) shared how today’s software users prefer to learn as they go, rather than take training before starting to use the tool. The software industry is following suit to address the trend, with Electronic Performance Support Systems (EPSS) gaining popularity as alternatives to performance interventions that require learners to consume knowledge before a task is realized. The goal of EPSS systems is to provide whatever is necessary to generate performance and learning at the point of need, by integrating the support as much as possible into a user’s work space. This approach to performance is seen as an improvement over traditional training, which takes place before the individual must perform the task. Traditional training typically includes a delay between the learning and application of that to the job, which causes a loss that Hermann Ebbinghaus coined as the forgetting curve.

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