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You can earn a series of badges and share on social by completing courses within the Qlik Learning Portal. Learn more and start earning your badges today! 

Qlik Education is excited to launch a series of badges you can earn by completing specific subsets of courses within the Qlik Learning Portal. Access Qlik Learning Portal Achievements Page to learn more on specific courses you will need to complete in order to earn a badge.

These achievements will be awarded in several areas of mastery:

  • New User Learning Plan 


  • Program


  • Role and Product - Coming soon

We are looking forward to adding additional badges for Role Mastery and Product Mastery in the coming months.

You can access badges earned on My Badges page of the Qlik Learning Portal. To access My Badges Page, click on My Account in the top right corner, then click on the “My Badges” icon from the user-menu.


By completing the required courses, you will be awarded a badge which can be shared on social sites.


Happy Learning!