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Pass/fail results are typically sent 8-10 weeks after taking a beta certification exam. I'm sure many out there wonder why!

Here's what happens behind the scenes during this phase of the exam development process:

1. After the beta exam period ends, we gather all the result data and send it to our test development partner, Alpine Testing Solutions.

2. Alpine calculates all kinds of statistics on the result data and identifies which items are performing well and which are not. Poorly performing items can be too easy (>90% get it right), too hard (<10% get it right) or have other warnings which indicate it is not measuring what we expect. Then they recommend which items to "Keep" or "Delete"

3. Qlik then reviews the recommendations and every single comment entered by beta testers, which may indicate something is off or the item is unclear. Final Keep/Delete decisions are made by the Certification Program Manager, which are sent back to Alpine.

4. Using the kept items, Alpine assembles a new form and statistically equates it to the previous form. This is needed to assure congruence between releases of the certification exams.

5. Qlik receives the new form (which is a list of items to go on the operational form), and creates an exam specification to send to Pearson VUE.

6. Pearson VUE uses the exam specification to build the operational form, which then goes through a few QA and review cycles between Qlik and Pearson VUE. We check the exam many times to ensure there are no errors in it!

7. After the operational form is finalized, it is published and the exam is ready for delivery.

8. Then we take the operational form and use it to score the beta results.

And that, my friends, is why it takes so long to get your beta results!

Thanks to those who participated in taking a beta exam, and your continued patience is appreciated.

Karen Origlio

Sr. Certification Program Manager @ Qlik