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Qlik Fix: Resolving the “No Such Page" message when creating a new sheet in QlikView

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Digital Support

Qlik Fix: Resolving the “No Such Page" message when creating a new sheet in QlikView


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 This video is part of the Qlik Fix Video series. If you found this video useful, check out the other Qlik Fix Videos.

This video walks through resolving the “No Such Page” message when creating a new sheet in QlikView.

Here is a link to more information in the Support Knowledge Base:

Creating a New Sheet Object in QlikView AJAX client returns "No Such Page" 

Video Transcript:

hi and welcome to Qlik Fix! if you use windows IIS as the web server instead of QlikView web server you may experience an issue with the ajax client after installing or upgrading to click the server april 2020 initial release sr1 sr2 or sr3 when opening a qvw from the access point and attempting to create a new sheet object you're very likely to experience an issue of a pop-up which states new sheet object no such page this will also be displayed when you attempt to view the properties of an existing object to fix this issue we need to add a new mime type to iis we open iis manager ensure the default website is highlighted and then double click on mime types under actions we click add enter dot qvpp for file name extension and text slash html for mime type click ok we go back to our access point and open qvw and refresh to ensure the properties from iis are propagated now when we click the new sheet object icon from the toolbar we see the expected pop-up that contains qlikview objects and when we right-click on an existing object and choose properties we're able to see the properties. nailed it!

Attached is a downloadable .mp4 video file for those who cannot view YouTube videos.


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