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Error Invalid Key

Hi All,

I'm very new to the GeoAnalytics world.  I have finished installing all the required tools, but continue to get this error with in QV trying to add a GeoAnalytics map.  What Key is invalid?


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Re: Error Invalid Key

GeoAnalytics is a paid product. You need to download the latest version from downloads section of your customer/partner portal.

During installation, it will ask for license key. The GeoAnalytics extensions will work only when correct license has been applied.

Hope this helps.


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Re: Error Invalid Key


Sounds like you double clicked .qar file and installed extensions which is why you see the Qlik Geo maps on your qvw web view but missed running the GeoAnalyticsSetup / adding - activating serial number.

If you want to redo, Please follow installation steps below (provided by qlik) and this should fix invalid key issue 

1) Start by unzipping 'GeoAnalyticsForQlikViewDesktop-<version>.zip' into any folder on the server computer.
2) Double click the .qar files to install the extensions.
3) Run the GeoAnalyticsSetup to set up GeoAnalytics. This includes activating the Serial Number.

That is it, you should now be ready to use GeoAnalytics for Qlik View Desktop.

Remember that you have to be in webview to be able to use the extensions."


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Re: Error Invalid Key

you need to add licence key


edit License file


define([], function () {return '2550934234324324';});

those number is ur KEY add