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Qlik Sense + Geo analytics : Some cities are not plotting on map.


We are using Qlik Sense + Geo analytics. Following cities are not coming as bubble on map:

CityName     Country

Ilocos           Philippines

Lasi               Romania

I have also used Qlik service to get all cities which are supported by Qlik. Through that service I got that above 2 cities names are different in Qlik, might because of that those are not coming on map.

Above cities name in Qlik was:

Lasi =>  Lasinja

IIocos => Ilocos Norte, Ilocos Sur

Even after changing these names, cities are not plotting on map.

Can anyone suggest me, how can we resolve this issue?

Thanks in advance!   

Dilip Solanki
1 Reply

Hi Dilip,

After changing the name of Lasi to Iași it will be recognized by the built in Geometry Service as a city in Romania.

Could it be misspelled?

Lasinja seems to be a place in Croatia?

Ilocos seems to be a region in the Philippines and if you leave the Location options blank (Country = any and Type=any it will be recognized as a the center coordinates of the Admin 1 area Ilocos).

You can also plot Ilocos as an area layer (type Adm1 Area).

Ilocos Sur and Norte are recognized by the Geometry Service but only as points even though they seem to be Provinces. Apparently the Geometry Service only has the center coordinates of these.

If you know that the data is correct you can help the location service by specifying "country" and/or "type".