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Qlik Geocoding Geocoding Template, Data and presentation


Qlik Geocoding Geocoding Template, Data and presentation

Qlik Geocoding is a subscription service for address to coordinate lookups and vice versa. The service is hosted, address and key get sent to remote servers for lookup. The subscription has a limited amount of lookups and is valid for one year. Qlik Geocoding is an add-on service to Qlik GeoAnalytics Base and Qlik GeoAnalytics Enterprise Server. The service is provided through the Qlik GeoAnalytics Connector using the operations “AddressPointLookup” and “PointToAddressLookup”. Forward geocoding is address to point conversion. The result includes information about match level and location structure. Reverse geocoding is point to address conversion. Useful for example converting GPS coordinates to an location.

To get started

  1. Please contact your Qlik sales rep for pricing and license key.
  2. Watch the Qlik Geocoding Presentation
  3. Download the Qlik Geocoding Template
  4. Start converting addresses!
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